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Yellow Billed Hornbill

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate Bird List

Hoedspruit Wildlife

Estate Bird List

The Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate Bird List is a comprehensive list of birds seen by avid birders on the Estate over the years. Many thanks to the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate Birding Group and to Ian Owtram and Tom Voster for providing the list of over 200 birds. The list is in alphabetical order for easier searching. If you find any birds not on this list, please email me at so I can add the bird to the list. To print the list copy and paste the list into Excel Word.

Birding Tours

Birding safaris are available on the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate with a qualified Birding Specialist. Birding Day Tours can be done to Kruger National Park, Mariepskop Nature Reserve (many unique birds up in the mountains at 1950m above sea level) and the Panorama Route. For more information email Anthony at


Ground Hornbill

Apalis Bar-throated
Apalis Yellow-breasted
Babbler Arrow-marked
Barbet Acacia Pied
Barbet Black-collared
Barbet Crested
Barbet Yellow-fronted Tinker
Batis Chinspot
Bee-eater European
Bee-eater Little
Bee-eater Southern Carmine
Bee-eater White-fronted
Bishop Southern Red
Bittern Dwarf
Brownbul Terrestrial
Bulbul Dark-capped
Bunting Cinnamon-breasted
Bunting Golden-breasted
Bushshrike Grey-headed
Bushshrike Orange-breasted
Buttonquail Common
Buzzard Lizard
Camaroptera Green-backed
Canary Yellow-fronted
Cisticola Rattling
Cisticola Red-faced
Cisticola Zitting
Cormorant Reed
Cormorant White-breasted
Coucal Burchell’s
Courser Bronze-winged
Crake Black
Crombec Long-billed
Crow Pied
Cuckoo African
Cuckoo Black
Cuckoo Diederick
Cuckoo Great Spotted
Cuckoo Jacobin
Cuckoo Klaas’s
Cuckoo Levaillant’s
Cuckoo Red-chested
Cuckoo Shrike Black
Darter African
Dove African Mourning
Dove Emerald Spotted Wood
Dove Laughing
Dove Lemon
Dove Namaqua
Dove Red-eyed
Dove Tambourine
Drongo Fork-tailed
Duck African Black
Duck Fulvous Whistling
Duck Knob-billed
Duck White-faced Whistling
Eagle African Fish
Eagle African Hawk
Eagle Black-chested Snake
Eagle Brown Snake
Eagle Martial
Eagle Steppe
Eagle Wahlberg’s
Egret Western Cattle
Eremomela Burnt-necked
Eremomela Yellow-bellied
Falcon Amur
Falcon Lanner
Finch Cut-throat
Firefinch African
Firefinch Jameson’s
Firefinch Red-billed
Flycatcher African Dusky
Flycatcher African Paradise
Flycatcher Ashy
Flycatcher Grey-tit
Flycatcher Pale
Flycatcher Southern Black
Flycatcher Spotted
Francolin Coqui
Francolin Crested
Go-away Bird Grey
Goose Egyptian
Goose Spur-winged
Goshawk African
Goshawk Dark Chanting
Goshawk Gabar
Grebe Little
Greenbul Sombre
Greenbul Yellow-bellied
Guineafowl Helmeted
Harrier-hawk African
Helmetshrike Retz’s
Helmetshrike White-crested
Heron Black-headed
Heron Grey
Heron Striated
Honeyguide Greater
Honeyguide Lesser
Hoopoe African
Hornbill African Grey
Hornbill Southern Ground
Hornbill Red-billed
Hornbill Southern Yellow-billed
Hornbill Trumpeter
Ibis Hadeda
Indigobird Dusky
Indigobird Purple
Indigobird Village
Jacana African
Kingfisher African Pygmy
Kingfisher Brown-hooded
Kingfisher Giant
Kingfisher Malachite
Kingfisher Pied
Kingfisher Striped
Kingfisher Woodland
Kite Yellow-billed
Korhaan Red-crested
Lapwing Blacksmith
Lapwing Crowned
Lapwing Senegal
Lark Dusky
Lark Sabota
Martin Brown-throated
Martin Common House
Martin Sand
Moorhen Common
Moorhen Lesser
Mousebird Red-faced
Mousebird Speckled
Myna Common
Nightjar European
Nightjar Fiery-necked
Nightjar Square-tailed
Oriole Black-headed
Oriole Eurasian Golden
Owl African Scops
Owl Southern White-faced
Owl Spotted Eagle
Owl Verreaux’s Eagle
Owl Western Barn
Owlet African Barred
Owlet Pearl-spotted
Oxpecker Red-billed
Painted-Snipe Greater
Pigeon African Green
Pigeon Speckled
Petronia Yellow-throated
Pipit African
Pipit Bushveld
Plover Three-banded
Prinia Tawny Flanked
Puffback Black-backed
Pytilia Green-winged
Common Quail
Quail Harlequin
Quelea Red-billed
Robin Bearded Scrub
Robin White-browed Scrub
Robin-Chat Red-capped
Robin-Chat White-throated
Roller Broad-billed
Roller European
Roller Lilac-breasted
Roller Purple
Sandgrouse Double-banded
Sandpiper Common
Sandpiper Wood
Scimitarbill Common
Shrike Magpie
Shrike Red-backed
Shrike White-crowned
Sparrow Cape
Sparrow House
Sparrow Southern Grey-headed
Sparrowhawk Little
Sparrow-Weaver White-browed
Spoonbill African
Spurfowl Natal
Spurfowl Swainson’s
Starling Burchell’s
Starling Cape Glossy
Starling Greater Blue-eared
Starling Violet-backed
Starling Wattled
Stork Black
Stork Marabou
Stork Saddle-billed
Stork Woolly-necked
Stork Yellow-billed
Sunbird Amethyst
Sunbird Collared
Sunbird Marico
Sunbird Scarlet-chested
Sunbird White-bellied
Swallow Barn
Swallow Lesser Striped
Swallow Mosque
Swallow Red-breasted
Swallow Wire-tailed
Swift African Black
Swift African Palm
Swift Alpine
Swift Horus
Swift Little
Swift White-rumped
Tchagra Black-crowned
Tchagra Brown-crowned
Thick-knee Spotted
Thick-knee Water
Thrush Groundscraper
Thrush Kurrichane
Tit Grey-penduline
Tit Southern Black
Turaco Purple-crested
Vulture Cape
Vulture Hooded
Vulture Lappet-faced
Vulture White-backed
Vulture White-headed
Wagtail African Pied
Wagtail Cape
Warbler Icterine
Warbler Marsh
Waxbill Blue
Waxbill Common
Weaver Lesser Masked
Weaver Red-billed Buffalo
Weaver Red-headed
Weaver Southern Masked
Weaver Thick-billed
Weaver Village
Whydah Long-tailed Paradise
Whydah Pin-tailed
Widowbird White-winged
Wood-Hoopoe Green
Woodpecker Bearded
Woodpecker Bennett’s
Woodpecker Cardinal
Woodpecker Golden-tailed
Wren-warbler Stierling’

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